Join the Interactive Picket Line

We don’t need to tell you that the past year has been a terrible time for live events workers and those who sell tickets to promote performances. But the management of Strathmore along with Chief Executive Monica Jeffries are taking things to a new level. 

Not only are they using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to renege on an agreement reached with box office workers last year, but they are also threatening to eliminate the jobs of longtime workers and replace them with kiosks that are leased annually for a greater expense than what they pay a full-time employee! 

This is  despite the fact they received over $1 Million in taxpayer money last fiscal year! 

Will you stand with these workers and join their virtual picket line?

DISCLAIMER: The virtual picket line is for educational purposes, to publicize this matter to the general public, and to demonstrate union solidarity. It is designed to inform the general public, customers, and donors of the ongoing labor issues at the Strathmore Arts Center. We are not asking anyone to withhold labor or boycott the Met at this time.

1. Print out one of these signs

Or make your own, using your union colors and logo!

2. Take a picture or selfie with your sign

We can take care of cutting out the background and adding you above. 

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